backun clarinet mouthpiece

Legere European 3.5 seems to be a good match for me with Vocalise R (closed/short facing). Introducing Vocalise by Hawkins and Backun. Free USA Shipping. Quick View. shipping: + C $6.98 shipping . The H is both smooth and dark, with ample cushion for those who want more flexibility. For the Oehler clarinet I use a Legere euro 3.50 , for the french system the 3.75 is best. Evenness and a focus of sound that sings with ease are two characteristics of this close facing mouthpiece. SHOP NOW Backun Care Kit We packed so much value into the new Backun Care Kit it's almost hard to believe. Bring along your whole Backun Family with our handy Barrel and Mouthpiece Case. Renowned educator. Right. Retail: $ 202.00 $ 106.00. C $58.40. Versand: + EUR 6,14 Versand . Renowned educator. Master craftsman. It is louder, bigger and has the dexterity to shine in any type of music. Calculate Shipping ; From United States; Customs services and international tracking provided. EUR 156,61. Alpha Mouthpieces come standard with all Backun Alpha and Beta Clarinets, and are now also available as a standalone product. Backun, Buffet, Selmer (USA, Centered Tone, 10G, Series 9), Yamaha, and most other brands, As above, larger bore for more free blowing feel, Selmer Paris (Not including Selmer USA, 10G, Series 9). See more ideas about Clarinet, Custom guitars, Trumpets. The two discussed the idea of making the world’s best clarinet mouthpieces but in doing so, had to figure out the answer their mutual question: How do we create a mouthpiece that is tailored to every player? And $39 to any other country. £50 - £100 (42) £100 - £200 (40) £30 - £50 (7) £0 - £500 (3) £0 - £15 (1) £200 - £300 (1) BRAND. It is louder, bigger and has the dexterity to shine in any type of music. Backun, Alpha, MoBa, Protégé, and Vocalise are registered trademarks of Backun Musical Services. The Backun MoBa Clarinet Mouthpiece is available in two models: Bass – 1.75mm Tip Bass Plus – 1.85mm Tip The MoBa Bass Clarinet “Bass Plus” model is our best seller as it gives an amazing combination of projection, control and tone. I could not be happier. Nice strong tone and very quick response. Words and praise that are often bestowed upon Richard Hawkins. After a short period of making only barrels, Backun then set out to design a clarinet bell in 2001 and mouthpieces in 2004. Backun Barrel or Mouthpiece Case If your love of Backun gets a little out of hand, we've got your back. Together with the team at Backun, we developed the Vocalise Z model to give players not only polished flexibility, but volume and pop to the core sound. Description Models More Info Complex simplicity by Hawkins and Backun “It has long been my goal to create a clarinet mouthpiece that satisfies the nuances of change while preserving the history of the craft.” – Richard Hawkins Outstanding artist. This is Hawkins’s choice for young artists looking to step up to a more complex mouthpiece. Complex resonance at a reasonable price. Kostenloser Versand . Articulation Management allows players to capture the appropriate length of articulations for different styles without increased effort. I'm currently using a Vandoren BD5 but now I am going to order a Vocalise CG for the bass clarinet. Kessler Custom by Backun Clarinet Mouthpiece. Such mouthpiece is made of plastic. Please do not immerse your mouthpieces in, or clean your mouthpieces with, isopropyl, or other members of the hydroxyl group of products. Clarinets | Mouthpieces | Barrels | Bells, Shipping | Returns | Product Registration | Warranty. Installs in minutes on your Backun Custom Clarinet with the optional Backun Custom Plate. Retail: $ 210.99 - $ 216.99 $ 105.49 – $ 108.49. Designed for artists who prefer a larger facing, while offering significant volume and projection. After decades of collecting, observing and crafting mouthpieces for many of the world’s finest artists, Hawkins collaborated with Backun Musical Services to develop a series of mouthpieces with tonal ring and clarity that will change the course of mouthpiece history. An amazing professional classical mouthpiece offering excellent control and performance! How sweet it is!!!! Note: All New Mouthpieces from Backun are cleaned, disinfected and sterilized for your health and safety.

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