how to attach greenery to mirror

I rarely use Command hooks because I’ve had them pull off paint/wallpaper in the past, but on hard, durable surfaces like wood or concrete they work well and are easily removable. Decide on the greenery with your client. The mirror will make it seem as though there are twice as many flowers as are actually there, and the flowers will make a mirror that is not purposefully reflecting anything seem more interesting. Typically there will be either two D-ring hangers or two screw eyes with a length of stainless steel hanging wire attached. If you’re stuck wondering how to hang greenery vines on a wall, from the ceiling, and more, this article will give you insight! An asymmetrical garland on this buffet mirror puts a modern spin on traditional decorations. Dress up a standing mirror in a bathroom or entryway. You can stick them anywhere, and they remove cleanly. How to Make Holiday Door Wreaths With Silk Flowers. You may require a mirror adhesive to attach your mirror to the wall, such as the one listed here. Make sure you pick up a caulk gunwhile your there, too. This is a useful technique if you have a mirror that is over a table or mantle. In addition, fishing line can be strung between clips to create a vine-like look on the wall. Lay … Maybe there’s a small nail that you can run a line to or a ledge that a clamp can be secured to with fishing line hung from it? Greenery can transform a room, and I love enhancing the guests’ experience with these beautiful displays. I found white polo roses worked well and didn’t show any heat damage. I wanted to have several in the left hand corner as my focal point of the floral and greenery. Once the edges are well covered, go crazy in the center of the mirror too. All the items in my toolkit are available on Amazon and in most home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Safety pins can be used to help hold foliage on fabric, and fishing line can be run between two pins to create a structure to weave greenery through. Floral Wire – Floral wire will be used to attach both your greenery and flowers to the vine-wrapped wire. If the mirror does not have hanging wire, cut a piece of wire that will span the width of the mirror and attach the ends to the mirror's D-rings. Greenery can be wrapped or strategically zip tied on the line (the 4” black zip ties blend in nicely). (I have only used this method on traditional red brick and recommend testing it out if trying on a painted brick surface first.). See an extensive list of items below. We’ll cover these important points for hanging greenery from any surface: Start with the venue. I always have fishing line in my toolbox because it can be used to create a hanging point from almost anywhere you can tie it. What anchor points are available? How to Use a Mirror as a Tray for an Ottoman, How to Use Mirrors to Create the Illusion of a Window. Feel free to scroll on through to find the specific surface you’re working to attach greenery to. Make sure you are using the correct side of the adhesive strip (one will say ‘wall side’ on it). You want the longer garland to frame just a little over a quarter of the mirror. on hand. Obviously, I used white painted trim around that mirror, and I used my miter saw to cut 45° angles to frame that one. To hide the tape, I will take a round leaf (salal and silver dollar eucalyptus work well), loop a piece of gaffer tape on the back, and then place the leaf over the visible tape. To secure greenery on columns or poles, fishing line can be wrapped down the column/pole and the greenery woven into the fishing line. The hot glue will soak into the fabric, however, so your greenery may be not be suitable for a new project once you remove it. Make sure that the rest of the ribbon is draped upward over the top of the mirror. Start by preparing the wall by wiping it with a damp cloth. Add a little hot glue to the back of each flower or leaf, then press them around the mirror frame until you are satisfied with the appearance of the arrangement. Done! Method of hanging- Brick clips, chicken wire and fishing line for the wall piece, Italian ruscus for the string lights wrapped. It is much bigger than your standard front door size holiday wreath. I like to have some 15–20 lb., 60 lb. Silk garlands are available in many lengths and styles, so you can find leaves or flowers that suit your decor. A couple of pieces can cover a large area. Cut the mounting tape to size - you'll need two pieces that are the same width as the mirror. Balancing Beauty & Bedlam: Hanging Wreaths over Mirrors? My hanging toolkit is extensive. I decided the best way to attach the flowers would be to add a tiny dab of hot glue to each flower and press in place until dry. It is also possible to make your own garland from fresh greenery. Prep your toolkit for the floral installation. I like it to drape just so, or hang in exactly the “right” place.But I’ve always struggled with HOW to hang things. If you’re asked to do a tie of greenery on a cocktail table, I like to use bind wire to gather up the tablecloth, and then I wrap greenery pieces onto the bind wire. If you are hanging your greenery on porch columns, one screw-eye at the top and one at the bottom may be sufficient, since you have gravity working with you. If your mirror is hung someplace that is not often disturbed, you may be able to leave the garland alone and let it dry; some types of leaves and flowers look nice dried as well as fresh. Texture, greenery, and lush, full florals are some of her favorites to work with. My toolbox has both available in varying sizes (mine go from 2” to 6”). Wrap around a stair bannister to create an elegant and festive look. Even floral wreaths can be hung in windows with a large suction cup. Hot glue can also work on a traditional brick wall if you only need to attach a few pieces of greenery or a single rose. For concrete or wood walls, I have found that Uglu dashes, gaffers tape, and Command hooks work well and don’t cause any damage. Will you be hanging greenery from brick, concrete, drywall, or the ceiling? Below is a list of greenery I’ve found works well for hanging. If you use a metal one, you may be able to bend it to better fit your mirror. A bathroom can quickly transform into a lush hideaway by hanging your greenery high. It is an easy process and only cost about $3.00. Eucalyptus (silver dollar, seeded, spiral). – Attach eye hook to either end of the dowel (in hindsight, you may want to do this step before starting). They also provide an anchor point to suspend Oasis cages or attach greenery. The night before the event, I’ll prep the Italian ruscus by zip tying two pieces together at their stems to create longer pieces about 5 feet in length, which I then store in a flower box in my cooler. The Nester wowed me with her fluffy fur wreath…yes, hanging on her mirror. Ornaments: Suspended from red ribbon, these glass balls add interest to the gold mirror. Though an ordinary mirror is very flexible, you may find that it feels too plain, especially if it has no frame or a thin frame. Happy hanging! You need silk leaves or flowers with the stems removed; wide, flat flowers are the easiest with which to work.

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