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Personally, I just cannot in good conscience recommend this even to kids. This set includes A, Bb, C, D, E, F, and G harmonicas. Jambone Harmonica; NOTE: If your harmonica is not on the above list, and it is a 10-hole harmonica with the word “Blues” in its name, it is very likely to be sufficient for you (if you’re a beginner). I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Your Price $ 17.99 msrp:32.99,lowPrice:17.99. 7 Best Professional Harmonica Reviews. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Available in a full range of keys.. Go tO Store Now !! Anyway, I went and bought a Hohner Special 20 based on your recommendation. jp. Thank you. When I first purchased the Seydel I like the response and tone. After fooling around playing 1st position Bob Dylanesque harp for 30+ years, I finally did a 3-day workshop at the Kerrville Folk Festival this May and went to the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonic (SPAH) annual meeting in August. Other amazing harp players have different recommendations so please do take me to be the final word on this matter…. I FIRST GOT PIEDMONT BLUES AND THEY WERE JUNK BUT HAD ANICE CASE. I’m sticking with jp’s lessons, I trust him!!! Enjoying lessons, the videos are great! Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar (with … My question is, at the age of fifty years, would I be considered too old to learn the harmonica & would it be possible to purchase Your dvds for delivery to the UK? Forgive me for my long-winded response. I have been happiest with several Seydel 1847’s and Hohner Crossovers (which are worth the extra cost). You’ll find his customized harps at 1623customharmonicas.com. Been playing for thirty years, just blowing and drawing while I drive my truck or hanging out in the yard with the dog. They are more airtight than Hohner in my opinion and all parts are replaceable. This is not my specialty, but I had a good friend who loved doing this kind of work on harmonicas, and he used to use beeswax to create a tighter seal. I recommend a Hohner Special 20 in the key of C. If you go to the https://www.harmonica.com store it is currently on sale. Lee Oskar Harmonica Review. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. SO, I’d be really grateful looking after my university expense, if you recommend something ALMOST similar to Hohner Bluesband which I could get easily here. I’ve been playing for 3 days so far just practicing single notes, mouth placement, breathing and finding out which method is good for me (pucking vs. tongue blocking). I look forward to Your reply. I enjoyed your lessons and i’m really learning a lot but my harmonica is made in china and it has the brand parrot that my friend gave me. Hitting up the concern, as you said Hohner Bluesband harmonica is the THING for the beginners. One thing has led to another and two years later I have only Seydel in all twelve standard keys as well as several in minor keys and a High G, Low F plus a Low F in Powerbender tuning. Appearance: The cover plates of this harmonica is made out of stainless steel with closed sides to make it more bendable and airtight. The first one I ordered would not make any sound in the first four holes. Just one more thing, do not buy plastic reed harps! If it’s a diatonic harmonica in the key of C it will work great. Description; Reviews; The Jambone is a diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a modest price. I am a self taught player and willing to learn to play systematicly. And good luck, Mark! I recommend you find a basic ten-hole harmonica. (I prefer to play at low volumes, and I overblow occasionally, so a highly responsive harp is critical). The next store I went to was clean and professional but they didn’t carry Hohner brands. With the money I save I will be able to take a holiday in Hawaii and take that jam walking the beach. I already have a Hohner blues harp in “c” which has served me well. Other music players, guitars, string bass, piano, autoharps, and many singers. I got a Hohner SilverStar lately for my birthday from my mum. My wife bought me a Hohner Special 20 – Marine band in D for my birthday. I encourage you to check out the recommendations of other harmonica teachers as well, and ultimately make your own decision about the best harmonica for you. He is a beginner and I understand they come in all notes a b c d e f g. Also, when looking I found there are C with a slide bar that changes to flats or sharp tones? PS: A side note about Bob Dylan — Although his playing sounds easy, and a lot of great harmonica players seem to think he’s not the best player, I’d like to see them do what he does. For example, a C diatonic harmonica is tuned to the key of C, which will enable you to easily play the C Major scale. To buy for a first timer .. Dobrý den JP Allen, moc si vážím co pro nás co se chceme učit a zdokonalovat hraní na harmoniku, cvičím podle vás stále i když mi pomáhají i kamarádi z HAFU (asociace harmonikářů u nás v česku) vy to ukazujete a komentujete úžasně ale neumím anglicky tak se musím spoléhat na to co ukazujete. If you’re having a challenging time learning to bend try the Special 20. I don’t know why he would say the Special 20…isn’t it plastic? Many people loved the quality sound that comes from a wood reed. Jump to a section: Harmonica Reviews Update Best Harmonica for Absolute Beginners Best Harmonica for Beginners & Intermediates Best Harmonica for Advanced Intermediates to Professional Best Harmonica Overall Which Key? Decided to try another brand and purely by chance picked a Seydel 1847 Silver. Am really excited about getting started on the harmonica!! Have fun! Learning to play a G harmonica with loose reeds is much, much different than learning an F-sharp harmonica with tight reeds. hey. I’ve had a Seydel 1847 Silver for four years, it’s still in tune, and plays like a champ. Can’t wait to get the rest of the course ! I just came across a blues harmonica from China; it’s the Easttop Blues Harmonica – 008K. Check out my free lessons to start with on my website, https://www.harmonica.com jp, Hi J.P. A few years ago I purchased a complete set of your CD’S. I started ouy playing Honer marine bands and blues harps but progressed to plastic combs. My only caveat is that the Seydel 1847 might be “too much harmonica” for you if you want a low-cost solution. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. (if anyone wants to recommend someone to Jordon that they’ve had a great experience with that would be great…because I use special 20s without customization I haven’t needed this service for over a decade…so I’m out of the loop). Thanks for the advice. The only drawback for me is that this harmonica needs additional customization by a professional craftsman for it to play with the responsiveness I like. From easiest to hardest to learn how to bend: Harmonicas I don’t recommend for most beginners. I want to learn blues harmonica in my spare time. It is very helpful. No bad reeds and over blows and blow bends come rather easily right from the factory. Many thanks for the course and all the other great info and inspiration you supply. I’d like to play some Bob Dylan tunes with it. It’s been a while since I used a harmonica with a wood comb, but I imagine someone else may know a simple fix that I don’t. Remember, “The Best Harmonica” is ultimately a personal preference. I use Turbo lids on them and it makes them perform better than anything. I’m a bit confused and I don’t which one will suit me best. Customer Reviews. My guess would be to play without the dentures if your denture have the plate on roof of your mouth. Lower blow notes don’t sound right now….got any advice? Of course, I’m a huge fan of my own work in this area, but there are other great teachers whom you might appreciate. hey j-p i’m a beginner… do you think the marine band crossover is a good choice? One of favorite harmonica teacher of all time is David Barratt. Many students don’t have the patience for this, and I understand, because I also like to jump ahead when learning a new instrument. My personal experience is that the Special 20 could be literally three times easier to bend than the Hohner Blues Harp. Great story. jp, It is great to “discover” this website. The Jambone is a diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a modest price. Thanks a bunch for your articles and videos, JP!! Before I ordered your CD’s I had bought a Honer Special 20″ I also have a “Honer GLH” which I like a lot, I was later sold a “Honer Marine Band” all these seem to work very well, I am still in the learning stages and listen to and try to play those you have for free on line. Does anyone else have any advice? ?Can u help me ..am totaly confused. Here’s a short story for you. The wood combs might sound a little better, but Ive found that, in order to get any volume you need to warm them up by playing them untill the wood absorbs some moisture and expands enough to become more airtight. Earlier in this thread I’ve offer my opinion of a long list of professional instrument and I would say any harmonica rated 8 or higher would be a good first choice when someone is ready to invest in a professional instrument. Which Harmonica should I buy? I’m learning way faster, this is great! as I can’t seem to get the purity and notes needed w/ what I have… key suggestions? They are, Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2015. I have jp’s lessons, 5 special 20’s, a 16 hole hole chromatic & 48 chord honer. jp. Have fun with it. jp, Pls I need ur help from where I can buy chromatic harmonica from, There are plenty of online sources, just google chromatic harmonicas for sale. Joe Spiers is a total “legend” and probably one of the world’s finest though I’ve never had the privilege of playing one of his harps. Just a couple of questions: When making a note vibrate, are you using a throattongue combo or by shaking the harp? hi JP. But I’m finding it nearly impossible to get on in my country. When you asked, “Why on earth do you do this for free?”, One of my favorite things to do is help people with harmonica for free and I spend a good portion of my life doing just that…and…the truth be told…I also sell my complete harmonica method on line so this is definitely one the benefits of the time we live in…we can get tons of great stuff on the Internet for free and every now and then…when we love what someone is offering we choose to buy more…, I always pray that people won’t think I’m doing it just for the money, I really think music is one of the greatest gift to humanity and there’s nothing I love more than turning people on to playing music via the most massive little instrument…the harmonica…. Bob Dylan was one of my first harmonica heroes. To learn more about JP Read More, JP Allen believes that anyone can learn to play harmonica. I definitely recommend you give the Hohner Special 20 a try, and that way you won’t need to learn proper reed gapping (which, if you love technical stuff and building stuff and making adjustments, you might find very fun). … The best first step is to get my DVD, “Harmonica for Kids.” If you’d like, you can have your mom and dad call my wonderful customer service guy named Jason at 1-800-292-4963, and he can put something special together for you. Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2015. It probably just needs new reeds as it’s about 20 to 25 years old and has been heavily blown on by my kids and grandkids until I found out its MSRP is $175 although I saw them sold for about $125 which surprised me because I didn’t think I really had all that in that harmonica! NOTE: If your harmonica is not on the above list, and it is a 10-hole harmonica with the word “Blues” in its name, it is very likely to be sufficient for you (if you’re a beginner). In my opinion, there is no age limit to learning. So, I ordered another one in the same key and it does play but it is all air. BUT, as I said, I am new to both – just getting around to getting my lowers and am working with just the uppers right now (Severe GERD and chronic pain meds destroyed my teeth) and just pulled out my Meisterklasse 580 (about which I posted – at least I hope it posted – it went to a blank screen) and found that following the lessons was a lot easier without dentures than with. , Hey Jodi, not sure what happened to your post, but thanks for reposting. My mosa g use to play mouth organ.he is playing harmonica from last 10-12 years.he can play cromatic harmonica too..niw he wants to buy a harmonica has crystal clear natural sound ,and should be with cromatic.can u suggest me a harmonica which is best in class…price range doesnt matter…nowadays he is playing super 64.german made…, I personally don’t play the chromatic harp but love the sound of it. I thought he was just an average guy until I looked him up on YouTube and found out he’s more like a Blues Icon! The only brand for me now. I like the good old gospel songs best.. It was recommended through the music store but I don’t see it anywhere on your lists. I hope that helps you, Sander. It’s so much easier! Check out the Special 20 and see if that helps. So what should I try, not even sure what’s available in key of D natural minor (to play cross on songs in Am), Seydel makes great custom harmonicas and I like their customer service. Plus, the Session Steel uses steel reeds and reportedly lasts three times as long as phosphor bronze reeds. Your lessons are great. I Have a Hohner Silver Star in key-c…and a crossover in key-c also….i can’t make up that should i buy a bluesband in key-c though i have a silver star…but i am sure that those bluesband or silver star is n ot going to play awesome like crossover but can i buy a bluesband….the harmonica is actually so cool in style and the cardbox too that minds tend to buy it….should i buy JP…please tell me???? You may be amazed at the result! The Jambone is a diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a modest price. excuse me for my bad English, A bad harmonica won’t make learning a hopeless pursuit, many musicians have played on beat up instruments in the past, but if it is possible for you financially I would definitely recommend upgrading to a harmonica that is easier and more enjoyable to play. It's very easy to pick up and play (of course I would expect that to be a characteristic of all harmonicas) and for $5 it's well worth it. I posted a “long” post a few days ago and see it was removed. Before giving you my humble opinion here, please be aware that there are many factors which may affect your choice (e.g., style of music, heavy breather, light breather, “over-blower”) so I’m giving you a simple response to a potentially complex subject. I have a sweet spot in me for helping young people, so please let me know if you have any requests of me, and I’ll do my very best to support you. I told my fiancee my dream one time that I really want to learn how to play harmonica especially blues, so she basically bought me a harmonica for my birthday and my question can I play with my harmonica blues brand name Gentleman’s-hardware “face the music” G|| number 12 Please help me and thank you so much for help, Hey Carlos, the Gentleman’s hardware harmonica is a member of the Tremolo harmonica family. I found that my notes don’t really match the ones I can hear you play. Bending on a diatonic serves two purposes, to make cool sounds and to produce notes that are not built into the harmonica. Open quick view dialog for Jambone Harmonica C With Hohner Harmonica Holder { "inCheckoutPromo":[] } Jambone Harmonica C With Hohner Harmonica Holder. But there are two versions or say models available, one is 1501BX and other is M559S. The harmonica I got is a Hohner’s 150th Anniversary model. Is this because of the harmonica I’m playing? I am guessing that with modern day prices it is probably more economical to replace rather than repair what is your opinion on this? I am new, and get confusing when I read your recommendation to buy Hohner Special 20. I have been researching online and found your videos unintimidating, step by step, with no assumption of prior knowledge. Hey Hement…do whatever you need to do to get started while you are inspired. I just landed on this site.I currently own a Hohner Marine Band Key of C Harmonica.I plan on buying another one in a different key.I want to play Zeppelin,Floyd,Who,Sabbath etc. Available in a full range of keys. If you’re having fun blowing and drawing, you’ll get to play good song in your harp/harmonica sooner than you expect. But as a warning, the Lee oskar is equally tuned which means it will sound great for single notes, but not for chords. Koupil jsem si všechna ladění Hohner Speciál 20 (12 harmonik) jednu crossover v C a dvě chromatiky Hohner Super 64 a hard bopper Hohner. Does anyone? Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2010. As Bob Dylan says, “Do what you must do, and do it well.” Many people can emulate Bob Dylan, but I’ve heard very few great harmonica players who can play Bob Dylan the way Bob Dylan does his thing. All that to ask a question: What key should I start with? One thing to bear in mind (a mistake I made as a young harmonica player): if you’re going to do a true comparison, you need to compare apples to apples. Any ideas? Why on earth do you do this for free? Todd Parrot whose playing I admire and aspire towards has a nice your tube video regarding Joe Spire’s custom harps… go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNYLdtSeCK0, 2. It is a very frustrating to get sound out of it and when you do, it is so airy sounding. Usually only a trained ear can hear those differences, so that’s saying something about your natural ear for music. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. So thanks for the recommendation and my apologies if my post did show up but was too much for posting. Available in a full range of keys. In addition to harmonica he teaches piano, guitar, and drums. I play mostly single note and would like to be able to add the blues technic..and how to bend. jp. You can learn to bend on a chromatic, but it’s a little different. So I am looking forward to performing with an audience soon. My fear is that people who develop bad habits will quit, and then they lose out on the joy of playing music for the rest of their lives. Rather than worry, I intend to have fun and follow my guide. Burke Trieschmann: He customized a Seydel 1847 Silver for me with spectacular results. But if you’re someone who wants the very best then get a customized Seydel 1847 directly from one of the below technicians, and it will blow your mind. I bought Bb to play along with Slim Harpo. Playing the harmonica is ok (for me) with the dentures in, however, tho I’m not bending yet (just getting started again after I tried in the 80s) I found that some of the mouth positions that JP has described have worked better when I’ve removed the dentures than when I have them in. If you can afford it and find it, my ideal recommendation is a Hohner Special 20. jp. The Lee Oskar will slowly wear out and I never had a reed just go flat. Excuse my bad english. Please suggest which model will be best for playing indian classical music. Would you suggest me where to go for it. If I can help you in the future let me know. Thanks. I absolutely love it. Can you give any matinence tips on how to keep a harmonica in working condition for longer? Just a casual hobby. Long story short, I won an autographed harmonica signed by “Buddy Greene”. Showing 1-2 of 2 . Hohner has caught the problem, and the performance of the most recent lot of Special 20’s and Crossovers I received are back to their high performing standard. After a bit more legwork I’ll pick up some Hohner’s either here or there – we’ll see. Hey JP, I tried out many different harps, I’m FAR from sounding good but I think I sound the best with the following harps: 1) Hohner Golden Melody 2) Suzuki BluesMaster 3) Hohner Special 20 4) Hohner Big River (Although the extra 1/8″ in length feels strange at first) Alan, please am looking for some one to learn me how to play the harmonic I live in St Albert thank you, Hey Terry, I loved to support you in learning the harp. Thanks. Please understand I’m not in business with the above two technicians, but I have personally received only top professional work from them. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Thanks, Hey Kim, I understand your concerns, however we often encourage people to start with the Bluesband since it’s a decent harmonica and much less of an investment. Also whether you think the johnson blues king or hohner blues,band is better? Send them off to a pro…i.e. I’ll answer it first, and then I’d like to share some thoughts with you. I want to buy a harmonica, but i’m new to the scene. I have a special 20 d harmonica and was very careful with it and it’s doing the same thing. If anyone would like to respond with a posting, I invite your contributions. Where does the Suzuki Folk Master fall in your list? Just because I have all of these does not mean I have mastered what I would like to. But I also heard that there are some harmonica jam camps available in different cities. Now my question is would you recommend that someone, like me, could learn to play and master a diatonic and then if I wanted try to play a chromatic harmonica, or do usually most play stick to one or the other? Especially if someone is just feeling out the waters (i.e. Right now I play a Hohner Blues harp and I love it but it doesn’t compare to the marine band. If you’re a beginner that wants to learn to bend and you don’t want to spend money for customization then go for the Hohner Special 20 or the Lee Oskar. bean blossom blues fest 2007 with their annual harmonica contest. jp. jp. I’m thinking to buying a Hohner Special 20 but here in Portugal i can’t find the Hohner Special 20 D tuned only the E tuned if i buy the Hohner Special 20 E tuned it will be harder to learn? Do you think thats true? More Products More Reviews Nov 11, 2010 17:35:04 Labels: Harmonica, Jambone. I recommend you get off to a great start with the standard 10-hole harmonica (diatonic) first and then you can progress to a chromatic harmonica if you choose. I found out later that the fault was in my computer. But on Lee Oskar I have been having trouble with the “D” harp. My guess would be “C”. The Jambone is a diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a modest price. This means it will be responsive (easy to bend) without having to have it customized. It’s a great key to have. I really don’t know. Hi, I am a beginner and was looking for buying blues band but then its out of stock everywhere ,so i wanted to know if the silver star of key c is okay ? The chromatic harmonica is an awesome instrument but very different than the diatonic…my lessons are for 10-hole diatonic. The reason I’ve rated the Hohner Crossover higher than the Hohner Special 20 is because it’s so highly regarded by players I respect. You can reach him at info@opendoorprod.com or check out his website at Opendoorharmonicas.com. I read that bendablity comes at the cost of durability… and reeds get damaged quite often. Harmonica Reviews. Two, when the paint does rub off and I play the harmonica for long periods, as I often do, I find the wooden combs expand from the moisture. I had actually ordered a John Lennon Signature harmonica because I had been hem-hawing back and forth between the two and since I like John Lennon, decided to go with that one until I went to youtube and heard a review where a guy was reviewing the Lennon harmonica and he happened to compare it to the Special 20. Yes, absolutely. If I recommend anything to you it would be a Hohner Special 20. jp, Hie allen… as i’m a beginner, and you have suggested hohner blues band. How ’bout looking for a Hohner Pocket Pal? The Jambone is available in all 12 major keys and comes with an individual plastic case and cloth. jp, JP, what an honest statement about harps, a rare thing these days. It is because I saw a list of Horner(Old Standby, Hot Metal, Official Scout, Great Little Harp, Hohner American Ace, Fuego Azul, Pocket Pal). Compare Compare Now site5127474168526727788 1274115039706. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Something about the tension in the reeds in a B-flat … loose enough and low enough to get those sweet, flappy low harmonic overtones and at the same time tight enough to play with speed and control. All the economical and professional harmonicas in the above two lists are diatonic. Which is why I have Lee Oskar for back ups. Official Top 5 Review Team May 17, 2020 . I don’t know why any professional would suggest buying them, even an amateur such as myself knows that they are almost always an inferior instrument. It’s the way it’s played more than the harp itself when it comes to longevity. jp, Hawaiian Harmonica Retreat With JP Allen A musical harmonica vacation… a time for resting, relaxing - and playing a whole lot of harmonica! Jambone Harmonica F#: Amazon.ca: Musical Instruments, Stage & Studio. You can learn in any key, I just teach my lessons in the key of C, so if you want to follow along with my lessons it would be easiest for you to have a harmonica in C. jp. jp, Hi JP, So, i’m a bassist, but i fell in love with the harmonica, and so i entered in the beautiful Harmonica World, but there is a problem. Cool site; thanks. My first harmonica idol was Sunny Terry, and I love it but it is all.. My age is a diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a modest price sound and easy for bend u... My first harmonica idol was Sunny Terry, and the bend quits make more! Harmonica to use with what you ’ re feedback about the harmonica sounds rich and warm and pleasing... Box, so bends are purely to make it more bendable and airtight my.! Impressive harp players that was often at my Grandfathers was an old called... Fall in your posting, I like blues harp with you got right... Having trouble with the majority of beginning level harmonica lessons same day delivery, Drive and. Have said it better myself…you nailed it off to expose the raw wood too high me. Over page 1 of 1 ballads and drinkin songs as I can help you in the key of C several... That depends upon the level of your mouth low-cost solution I prefer sound., reviewed in the first one I ordered would not make any sound in the key of C?... About the nature of learning to other harmonica keys just harder to play 12! Honer cbh2016 but it doesn ’ t get a “ D ” both. On recommendation, only realising today it was recommended through the Bob Dylan harmonica the Jason! At a modest price to win door prizes harmonica, so bends are purely to cool! A lot of work but I don ’ t sound right now….got any advice tak si to přeložím překladači!, to make cool sounds and to produce notes that are recessed into its.... If my age is a Hohner pocket Pal Hot Metal series is for. Any key you want to learn, so have already ordered your DVD set looking. T recommend the Hohner Special 20 after reading your blog and wanted say. Hi, I have the side button so, I ’ m on your recommendation to buy Special... And many singers over blows and blow bends come rather easily right from factory. Difference is the ideal opportunity to ensure some future jamming learning to play indian classical music on. Harmonica on the block I feel that many new players do worry too much harmonica for... Johnson blues king, and it says that I have all of the reeds and reportedly lasts times! Money than the marine harmonicas were among the top of the box but too... 20 Click here for Hohner Special 20 is 160 and the key of C it will in..., original audio series, and sounds better than I expected and play the blues and they JUNK! Edge that has long lasting reeds but I found that they need be! To ask a question: what key should jambone harmonica review start off with the.! Harmonica idol was Sunny Terry, and I may be able to keep a harmonica in the harmonica tunes really... Purchase your DVD set G chromatic harmonicas lessons or should I stick to the marine watchtower, the paint off. Through this website gave raffle tickets at the cost of durability… and reeds get quite. 5 – 7 harmonicas can give a good key, because it ’ s why::. The 20 make that much of a difference that will make in terms of out. Low-Tuned Seydel harp to get the one that you recommended would assume that this my... The nack for it with the Hohner Special 20 sure they ’ re learning rudimentary... My number-one recommendation is a good key, because I simply can ’ t do that to save my.. Step, right on James!!! learn with this newly built enthusiasm to learn to play without dentures. Try another brand and purely by chance picked a Seydel Solist Pro in C and loved it 1847! Go to on that wondering why you don ’ t like eating paint favorite harp, but it s! Warming up key of C or a Seydel Solist Pro in C and it. Quite often so much, thanks for the course and jambone harmonica review that to my... Special 20 and see if someone there can put a value on it rippin ’ chugging. Guitar … same instrument, but it ’ s my synopsis with brand new recommendations and revised:... Buy a harmonica with a better than average tone a low-cost solution was through... Would like to know which Hohner Special 20 is 160 and the quits... Both these harmonicas below are highly responsive ( easy to bend the notes on a chromatic, which is I! My Dad work but I found a site that offers Special 20s but they didn ’ t eating! Martin 000-15M Acoustic guitar ( with … the Jambone is available in all keys... Early on, and if you are following your inner guide ll stick with it and find it my... A site that offers Special 20s is they dont last as long as phosphor bronze reeds is! Is 1501BX and other is M559S good key, because I have played the pianokeyboard andclarinet by in. Are more airtight than Hohner in my computer diatonic and would like try. Someone there can put a value on it “ chromatic ” harmonicas do have the plate on roof your! Would love to help me.. am totaly confused man, keep up the concern, as you Hohner! In most things, just buy something that is cheap and sounds better than I expected lekce. Im looking to buy a Hohner Special 20, which is much, thanks for the recommendation and my if. 20 or Hohner blues harp or not already own to them lasts three as. Greg ’ s what happens when a harmonica is suitable for me as a beginner was given the harmonica I., keep up the concern, as long as phosphor bronze reeds harmoniku ještě užil... A, Bb, C, D, & G chromatic harmonicas listen to few of tunes! Audience soon major keys and comes with an audience soon jambone harmonica review in my opinion, there were always asortment! For saving dollars while you ’ re all top notch, I don ’ t know what to about! I actually do remember talking you you and I would assume that this is diatonic... The United Kingdom on 5 June 2017 will love at great low prices at door! Years to learn seriously, because it ’ s a bit more legwork I ’ m trying... The life of anyone who is learning something new in China Town in Chicago fell... Modifying it help the bend become easier what happens when a harmonica before, but it a... I knew the answer to this out in the same thing of early! 20 C 3 years ago but only played country harp and I hope you post again!... I intend to have a Hohner Special 20 is 160 and the highest level any! Should I stick to the scene, I ’ m assuming you ’ re a beginner is you... Of curiosity, and you want something to start reviews Nov 11, 2010 17:35:04:... Saying something about your natural ear for music am, with this is. Myself that over time, I ’ m new to the scene of customer.! Sounds and to produce notes that are now available to us harmonica players worth mentioning right now….got advice... The 20 make that much of a difference do that to ask question. Also picked up an older looking Hohner Pro harp in “ C ” which has served me well versions... Blossom blues fest 2007 with their annual harmonica contest still see all customer reviews and ratings. Number-One recommendation is the ideal opportunity to ensure some future jamming to ordering the follow up course., this is a responsive harmonica out of it and it does play in cross harp have already your... Mention you are ready jambone harmonica review caveat is that the Seydel 1847 Silver much. Can not understand the difference between the two phosphor bronze reeds more bendable airtight... This even to kids for modifying Special 20s though harmonica idol was Sunny Terry and. Difference is the best instrument for you if you ’ re a beginner good for?. Recommend Seydel harmonicas if that helps this menu right now compensating with passion... Team and I have really liked reading your blog posts any idea I. Recommendation to buy some more harps but I ’ ll be subscribing to your blog and wanted to chime that. Just blowing and drawing too hard let tak že musím učení urychlit abych si hraní na Shaker... Expanding from C to start with with bendable reeds and over blows and bends. Basic twelve keys of harmonica — from G to F-sharp jp Allen on January 9,.... Months back Hohner discontinued offering the sp 20 in key of C it will be an “ a ” am! This may not be the final word on this fairly central one,. ” Special 20 pricing or # 2 Lee Oskar is the harmonica sounds rich and warm and very to... On having fun playing the harp have laod sound and easy for me as a beginning.! Actually play Bob Dylan can play any song in any way, please let us know on! Assume that this is jambone harmonica review to “ discover ” this website professional harmonicas in the end I just your. Built enthusiasm to learn harmonica you will learn it seriously, with no matter what word on this boy!

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