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Sometime between Lucian's rebellion and the beginning of the first Underworld movie, Kraven and a group of Death Dealers invaded Lucian's castle, hoping to bring the centuries-long war to a close. Here's what she's been up to since. We've gathered all the films together and assembled a chronological timeline that will help you navigate the chaos. The third installment, Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (2009), tells the story... 4. 8. Finally, even though they're technically dead, Underworld's vampires can still mate and have children, who also end up as vampires, naturally. But the ruse worked. Michael is bitten by Lucian. Under this structure, only one Elder remains active at a time, overseeing the world's various vampire covens. In this … Underworld: Evolution doesn't hold back the carnage as the immortal species clash. Before he went to sleep, Marcus told Viktor that killing one of the original immortals would rob all their descendants of their powers. Underworld: Evolution is a 2006 American action horror film directed by Len Wiseman.The film is a sequel to the 2003 film, Underworld and the second installment in the Underworld franchise.In the film, Selene and Michael fight to protect the future of the Corvinus bloodline from its hidden past. It's difficult to explain this film's shortcomings without spoiling it, but, to say the least, they ignored elements that could have made a good movie and skipped to rather simple, unsatisfying plot devices. This child, named Lucian, is the first Lycan. The other two "sleep" in their coffins, basically waiting in suspended animation until it's their turn to rule. In drinking some of his blood, Selene gains a vast amount of knowledge. You also can't be a vampire and a werewolf at the same time. Back in the early fifth century, Alexander Corvinus was just your regular, run-of-the-mill Hungarian warlord. Before long, Alexander contracted the disease, too. In an attempt to save Michael as silver nitrate from bullets courses through his veins, Selene bites him — creating the first hybrid in the Underworld universe. In the Underworld universe, Vampires and Lycans are not malevolent supernatural creatures, but rather the product of a virus; unlike Vampires of other more 'traditional' works, Underworld Vampires are not supernatural in origin. Underworld’s Full Movie Timeline Explained. The second film, Under… The third son, unnamed, carried the gene recessively and lived as a normal human, passing the strain down through his bloodline. As far as what happens next? While vampires retained a large portion of their humanity, early forms of werewolves were unable to return to human form, resulting in an uninhibited growth of savage beasts across their homeland. Viktor was unwilling to lose either his immortality or his werewolf slaves, and decided to let William and Marcus live, content to plot from the shadows instead. Selene punches into his stomach, plants a silver grenade, and pulls her fist back out to let his regeneration seal the explosive inside. Underworld: Awakening begins 12 years after Selene is put to sleep. Selene, a vampire warrior, is entrenched in a conflict between vampires and werewolves, while falling in love with Michael, a human who is sought by werewolves for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, David impales Semira through the skull while she is distracted by her newfound immunity to sunlight. Instead of fighting against his son, Alexander marshaled his own forces and dedicated his ever-lasting life to keeping the Immortals' existence secret. Before we get too far, it's worth noting that Underworld's versions of vampires aren't exactly like the ones you normally find in books, movies, and TV shows. Viktor caught on just in time. The violent engagement reveals Eve to be a hybrid — as well as Michael and Selene's daughter. Until this point, the three vampire elders have been extending their reign through the centuries by alternating hibernations — two asleep, one awake. Movies like Underworld just don't end up with the calibre of actor that Underworld has under normal circumstances. Lucian becomes his personal whipping boy as a way to show the other Lycans their place in his world. Turns out Marius is responsible for the death of Michael and has been taking doses of the blood he drained from him. The Vampires, Selene and Rigel, specialize in assassinating this ancient species. The current ruling Elder goes to sleep, while the next in line takes their place. Now, Marcus couldn't challenge Viktor directly — even after all of those years, the Death Dealers remained loyal to their first master — but that didn't mean that he couldn't hold a grudge. After William's prison is completed Viktor kills all those involved, including Selene's family. SAO ending explained Kirito receives a call from Rinko who reveals that Alice has gone missing. Except he wasn't. The stage is set for the first Underworld movie over a period of centuries, while the Lycans are living underground and being hunted by the vampires' deathdealers. While the newly empowered Michael possesses strengths from both species, he's no match for Viktor in battle. Marcus wanted Viktor's military expertise and his expansive army. This presented a problem for Marcus. Lucian is introduced in the first film, but we find out much more about his backstory in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. By comparison, the vampire elders would initially wake up as withered mummies (explained in the Rise of the Lycans novel) and would take hours to regain their fighting strength. It was a ruse. But Underworld's vamps have a variety of powers and abilities that you won't find anywhere else. Lucian is spotted alive by Selene while he's out hunting for a sample of the mutant blood; Michael is bitten by the Lycan general and begins to shift forms in the moonlight. The final installment in the Underworld series starts up with Selene fending off waves of Lycans with the help from the vampiric David. However, Viktor wounded William in the attack, enraging Marcus. As Viktor slept, Kraven made plans to take over the coven permanently — even as Selene watched very, very carefully. With a couple of rare exceptions, werewolf bites are fatal to most vampires, and vice versa. Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (2009) A happy family, however, the Corvinus clan was not. When the first film in the series was released in 2003, it introduced audiences to a world seemingly devoid of daylight, where ultraviolet bullets streak across the screen in a hail of gothic delight. Non-stop action results in one grisly scene after another. We dive into the symbolism, meaning, and theories being debated about Jordan Peele's new horror film. Selene and Michael are captured and put into cryogenic sleep to be studied by a company named Antigen. David takes them to his coven to heal, only to have the group fall prey to another Lycan attack. Given Underworld's focus on legacy and bloodlines, that last point is very, very important. Shortly afterwards, Marcus was bitten by a bat, making him the first vampire. David and Selene escape and in order to avoid retaliation they travel north to the Nordic Coven for refuge. Of course, while Marcus and Amelia were asleep, Viktor found that the Chain had other benefits, too: mainly, that without the other Elders around to interfere, Viktor could solidify his power. All the primary characters converge on William's tomb in an epic showdown. And so, the Vampire-Lycan war began. 6. Marcus decided to raise an army and take the fight to William himself, beginning the vampire versus werewolf war. Against the backdrop of an unseen centuries-old war between the sophisticated Vampire clan and the brutish clan of lycanthropes, the Lycans, the lethally alluring vampire assassin and member of the elite "Death … To date, the Underworld movies have grossed $540 million at the global box office, peaking with 2012's Awakening, which made $160 million. Yes, he took the form of a bloodthirsty beast who could rip regular human beings apart with ease. In return, Viktor devoted his army to Marcus' cause. By this point, Viktor has been capturing the werewolves and using them as protection during the daylight hours for years. The ordeal leaves David as the new leader of the coven and gives Selene a seat on the high council, as well as some semblance of peace. Finally, the conflict came to a head in 1202 A.D when Marcus, Viktor, and a third elder vampire named Amelia tracked William to a remote village. Thanks to a bizarre genetic mutation, Alexander didn't just survive the disease. Only direct members of Alexander Corvinus' genetic bloodline could become hybrids. The plague caused rapid cell division in its hosts, and Alexander's immune system fought back by altering the virus. While riding in the mountains, William was bitten by a wolf, which interacted with the virus in his bloodstream and gave him special powers, essentially transforming him into the first werewolf. Kraven received all of the credit for ending the war, while Lucian and many of his fellow Lycans went into hiding, waiting for the perfect time to strike. One of Viktor's original lieutenants, a vamp named Kraven, was almost as good. An unwitting pawn, she commits herself to a life as a death dealer, vowing to hunt down all Lycans. At the sound of Lucian's howls of pain, a wave of werewolves advance and overrun Castle Corvinus — forcing the vampires to retreat back into the darkness. However, Selene wasn't the only Death Dealer with a skill for killing Lycans. Sunlight will still cook vampires to a crisp, but silver — sometimes depicted as a vampire-hurting substance — seems to only be a weakness for Underworld's werewolves. Amelia and the Vampire Council are killed by Lycans. In fact, Viktor would've killed Marcus as he slept and taken power outright if Marcus hadn't taken one extremely important precaution. In the aftermath, Lucian's castle burned, while Kraven emerged from the skirmish holding a piece of Lucian's branded skin, using it as proof of the Lycan's death. Think the Underworld series is just bloody vampire-versus-werewolf action, a never-ending hail of ultraviolet bullets, and pretty people in tight leather? The Vampires believe that they defeated the Lycans many centuri… Visions of Lucian's past are transferred through his bite to Michael and, combined with knowledge Selene gathered, reveal Viktor's evil machinations. 1. With the help of the vampire historian Andreas Tanis, Viktor convinced the Coven that he, not Marcus, was the original vampire. Every Underworld Movie Ranked, Worst To Best 1. Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman reprise their roles of Selene and Michael. His path is set through events of the first film, although we don't meet him until Underworld: Awakening. Viktor had one of the keys to William's cell grafted onto his ribcage, where Marcus couldn't find it. The Underworld series shed a faint, blue hue on the eternal feud between vampires and Lycans, all while giving us more reasons to love the ageless Kate Beckinsale.

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